Write help wanted ads that grab

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Write help wanted ads that grab

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Not only do you need this person to solve big, hairy, expensive business problems, but you have to spend all day around this person, too. How can a company expect to hire rock stars and ninjas when its very first communication to the so-called Talent Community is a hateful boilerplate list of a gazillion requirements that "the successful candidate" will possess?

Can we delude ourselves that it works that way -- that the endless list of bullet points will somehow add up, when it walks into our office in human form, to an amazing person who can untangle and solve our trickiest problems and lend his or her great insight and wisdom to our challenges?

Can we keep lying to ourselves and our shareholders that way? The candidate must be experienced with web, and server application software design and development. The candidate will assist in the functional design, oversight, analysis and development of custom-developed software as well as integrating XLTS products into a complex and dynamic infrastructure.

Duties will include but are not limited to: This opportunity is available on my team.

Local interest

If you are interested please feel free to contact me. Here is a job ad that gives the reader: NO sense of what the project is about. NO feel for why a smart person with options should consider this opportunity. NO warmth or human feeling whatsoever.

Look at how the job ad begins: As my husband says, "You have a need? People in Hell need ice water. What, in other words, is in it for me? Sometimes a Diet Pepsi is just the thing to cool you down and give you that shot of caffeine that keeps you awake during boring staff meetings.

Or maybe your boss is more electrifying than most? We drive talented people away from our companies with these hateful, bureaucratic job ads that sound like replicant battle drones wrote them.

You know what a job ad like this makes me think of? It reminds me of the part in The Silence of the Lambs where the psycho guy says to the girl in the hole, "It will put lotion on itself, or it will get the hose. And employers complain that their job ads sit out there for months, with no qualified applicants.

Did you ever hear of a massively successful start-up or large company with terrified, wrung-out and browbeaten employees who skulk about in fear and fantasize about working elsewhere? But tons of companies write job ads like the one below, that scream "Robots and Lemmings Please Apply!

Here at Acme Explosives, a family-owned business and the second-largest stick dynamite manufacturer in the U. Our Project Managers might have PM certification or not, but all of us have wonderful and horrendous war stories about managing real projects and getting tremendous new products out the door.

Read about us, our history and our culture at www. We promise to acknowledge every inquiry with a personal response, because we have no robots currently working in our HR department. At Acme Explosives, we value people for their rich histories and perspectives, not just for their certifications and degrees and former employer brands or for the buzzwords on their resumes.

We love quirky candidates and believe that our own only opportunity to win in the marketplace will come by hiring and keeping the best people in the industry.


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Write help wanted ads that grab

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