Usv investment thesis

Some have a geographical focus, others have a sector focus, still others have a stage focus. Union Square Ventures' focus has evolved into what we call a "thesis" but is probably better described as a macro level view about the world - the Internet world - that we then attempt to structure investment activities around. In short, as described by Brad last year in charactersUSV invests in: Large networks of engaged users, differentiated through user experience, and defensible through network effects.

Usv investment thesis

But what that thesis is has evolved over time and will continue to evolve. It reflects both a changing world as well as We maintain specific principles about the internet that guide our investment decisions.

While other things like stage and to a lesser extent geography, also matter, our thesis or point of view is the primary thing Some have a geographical focus, others have a sector focus, still others have a stage focus. Union Square Ventures' focus has evolved into what we call a "thesis" but is probably better described as a macro level view about the A few years thereafter, inwe raised a second Opportunity Fund.

What are Venture Capital firms (VCs)?

Both of those funds have been continuously active. We continue to make new investments in our second Opportunity fund, which is not That is probably surprising to many people as USV is not thought of as a seed investor. I wrote a post today explaining why we are doing a lot of seed investing these days and how Over the last seven years, we have refined that investment focus.

We now invest almost exclusively in Internet services that create large networks. Some might think this focus is narrow. The subject was a company that was looking for venture capital that offered a service that was similar to one of the services our portfolio company offered.

The CEO was encouraging me to take a close look. Fred Wilson — January 15, Founders and Management It's been a while since our last post on this blog.

Investment Theses

Year end activities got in the way. We were in the midst of a string of posts on what we look for in our investments when we went radio silent.

We've addressed issues like the stage we like to invest earlythe amount of Fred Wilson — January 10, Geography Each month we see something like thirty to fifty new investment opportunities that generally fit our investment strategy.

They come from all over the place.

Usv investment thesis

So when we sat down to build the He means that I don't like to participate in the Series B and C rounds of deals that have been funded by other venture capital firms in the Series A rounds.

I've never been very good at that style of Fred Wilson — October 15, Traction This is my second post on "other things we look for".

I hesitated to use the title Traction because its certainly one of the most overused words in the venture capital vernacular. But it is also the "shorthand" peope use to talk about how much uptake a given project has gotten Fred Wilson — September 30, Early Stage Investing I thought I'd lead off my series of posts on "other things we look for" with a discussion of our preference for early stage investing.

Most of our investment approach is built on top of our foundation as early stage investors. But what does early stage investing really mean? Those posts are archived here. As Brad said in his introduction to those posts: A year ago when we first re-launched our web site as a blog, we did so because we felt that the environment was Fred Wilson — September 6, Union Square Ventures Often in our business you work on things for months and even years without being able to talk about them outside your immediate group of colleagues and family members.

Usv investment thesis

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(July ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). It’s crazy to go back and look at the original investment theses for now successful (or unsuccessful) investments.

For example back when USV first invested in Tumblr – it was not my investment (Brad led the deal) – I wrote a post announcing the Tumblr investment and summarizing the thesis.

Its easy to write about what the government or other people should do with our/their money. It’s harder to come up with a course of action that I can undertake on my own that possibly, somehow could make a difference.

USV Thesis This is news because USV has been very successful in investing in network-based companies that sit on top of the Internet infrastructure.

The chief feature of their investment portfolio to-date has been to invest in companies that have a mission of centralizing and monetizing the data from large networks of users. Nov 09,  · Albert Wenger interviewed by William Mougayar on Oct.

23rd in Toronto. Talks about venture capital, USV investment thesis, monetizing large networks of . Die PC-FAQ enthält Antworten zu vielen Fragen rund um den PC, sowie Erklärungen der häufigsten Computerbegriffe und ein Wörterbuch.

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