The cultural history of american plastic

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The cultural history of american plastic

McCoy, a DuPont vice president, addressed a manufacturers' workshop on converting factories from military to consumer production after the war. Business would be good, he predicted, due to "a great backlog of unfulfilled wants. A Cultural History, historian Jeffrey Meikle writes that the ever-expanding proliferation of consumer goods created an inflationary culture, and that plastic became the material of choice for this never-ending expansion.

It was less solid or intractable than wood or steel. It was free of traditional preconceptions regarding its use and could be molded into any shape a restless drive for novelty might conceive Plastic not only offered a perfect medium for this material proliferation.

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It conceptually embodied and stimulated it. InEarl Tupper wrote, "With the end of the war [polyethylene] was another young veteran that had accelerated from childhood to a fighting job It had done its job well but like all young vets returning from the wars it had never had civilian adult experience.

These were lighter, more flexible and less permanent than objects made from thermoset plastics. Creating Demand For Tupperware Tupperware had an important place in the domestication of plastic.

At the same time, however, Tupperware's acknowledgement of plastic as plastic, as a material with its own unique appearance and texture, indicated the beginning of a trend that continued through the s and into the s and beyond.

Learn More Related Features.How Beijing--and the Rest of China--Recycles Plastic [Excerpt] Adam Minter's Junkyard Planet explores how China copes with more and more plastic waste, along with the pollution problems it creates.

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Citizens; Opportunities for U.S. Citizens; Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. American Plastic is just that. The reader stands to benefit from Meikle's background in art history. The development of plastic in the Twentieth Century restricts plastic's popularity not for its utility but rather for its art.

The art of plastic became manifest to me when I started working in plastics a few years r-bridal.coms: 5. American Plastic: A Cultural History Jeffrey L. Meikle Winner of the Dexter Prize from the Society for the History of Technology and a CHOICE Oustanding Academic Book.

The cultural history of american plastic

A history of modern capitalism from the perspective of the straw. drinking establishment that would enshrine the straw in American culture: the soda fountain.

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