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Market Reports on India presents the report on " SWOT analysis and forecasting of the Indian Bakery industry upto " Several international bakery chains have entered in India recognizing potential of the industry. The report elucidates the structure of Indian bakery industry, its classification in various products Biscuits, bread, cakes, pastries, buns and rusks and then provides a categorical overview of bread and the biscuits sector. The Indian biscuit sector is dominated by players like Britannia, Parle and Sunfeast brand ITC together with other small players like Priyagold, Anmol Biscuits, Cremica etc whereas bread sector has only two major players, Britannia and Modern; and a host of regional players like Harvest Gold, Bonn, Vibbs etc. The report provides an expansive market analysis of the Indian bakery sector by covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry as well as comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector.

Sunfeast swot

Manju Vishwakarma Examination Paper: A plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal is: None of the above 2. It is important to develop mission statement for: Allocating organizational resources b. Provide useful criteria c. The five forces model was developed by: How many elements are involve in developing in an organizational strategy: The three important steps in SWOT analysis are: Identification, Conclusion, Translation b.

Opportunities, Threats, Strengths c. People, Corporate cultures, Labour d. GE matrix consists of how many cells? Which of these is the type of Games: All of the above 8. SBU stands for- a. Simple Basic Unit b. Strategic Basic Unit c.

Strategic Business Unit d. Speed Business Unit 9. The BCG matrix is known as: Growth share matrix b. Directional policy matrix c. GE nine-cell matrix d.

Expenses budget Part Two: What are the dimensions of Strategic management?

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Critically analyze the concept of BCG Matrix.ITC SWOT Analysis: Strengths: ITC SWOT Analysis: Strengths ITC leveraged it traditional businesses to develop new brands for new segments. For example, ITC used its experience of transporting and distributing tobacco products to remote and distant parts of India to the advantage of its FMCG products.

Here is the SWOT analysis of ITC Limited which is an Indian conglomerate involved in diversified businesses. ITC has 6 different businesses.

ITC is a strong house of brands with most of its products leading the segments in which they operate. ITC owns some of the most popular cigarette brands.

Weaknesses • Increasing demand for diet, sugar free biscuit • Retaining loyal retailers and wholesalers • Targeting interior area of India Opportunities • Local bakery products, Imitations • New entrants – eg:cadbury Oreo, sunfeast dark fantasy • Margin war among the major brands Threats SWOT Analysis.

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Sunfeast has the popular product of yippie noodles as well as pasta which is in a highly competitive segment where Maggi is the dominant player.

• Emerging local bakery products SWOT ANALYSIS OF BISCUIT INDUSTRY Strengths • Brand building. Horlicks Biscuits contain^ Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D equal to 2 cups# of Horlicks.

Sunfeast swot
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