Sections of a business plan gcse exams

In all longer answer questions, but especially the six mark ones, it is important that you plan your answer and not just rush into it.

Sections of a business plan gcse exams

Posted by Francesca Marshall on December 4, Featured For all businesses it is always advisable that they have a plan in place to help them achieve their goals and objectives!

sections of a business plan gcse exams

A business plan is a type of document that states the current activities of a business, but also what it hopes to accomplish in the future.

A business plan is also particularly useful when a business is setting out so that an entrepreneur can predict potential issues in advance and will be better placed to deal with any problems.

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They are also able to set out a clear path for the company. This sort of information can help investors to predict whether a company is worth putting money into, and whether the business is likely to succeed.

It is also important that a business keeps their plan up to date and as accurate as possible. As an entrepreneur, it is not advisable to make a business plan and then never update it.

The conditions around a business will constantly change, meaning that regular reviews of business objectives and financial projections are very important.

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Similarly because markets can change very quickly, it can be difficult for an entrepreneur to accurately predict how the business will perform in the future.

This may mean that estimates of financial projections may turn out to be wrong. It is also possible that a new competitor may emerge, meaning that entrepreneurs have to change the direction of their business.

sections of a business plan gcse exams

Furthermore, an entrepreneur who is lacking in business experience may suffer further from these sorts of issues as they may not have the business acumen to make such predictions or plan effectively.

A new business may not have the same access to financial resources or background knowledge that existing, larger businesses will.Gcse business specs 1. GCSE Specification Business Subjects and Economics Business Studies Applied Business (Double Award) Business and Communication Systems Economics For exams in onwards and certification onwards Business Studies (Short Course) Economics (Short Course) For exams in onwards and certification onwards.

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