Rohan guardian guide

Throughout all my time spent doing PvP, I rarely wish for a longer duration of Roha's Blessing, yet love Stone Skin being maxed due to how it lasts for the entire duration of Order Swing. If you wish to have Roha's Blessing do the same, level 3 lasts for 30 seconds.

Rohan guardian guide

With these skill distributions, there will be plenty of points left over at level 62 and above to work on the rest of your tree to make your character fit your playing style. Pre, I suggest using dex accessories in order to make up for the lack of dex in the stat build. Post, four Wings of Solemn Death are the best way to go until R4 boss drops start becoming more common.

If you are not a member at all of the Exchange Market, try to keep your dex even or slightly above your level and with the other accessories you can use strength and vit.

Rohan: Guardian Build

Post, I still suggest using Wings as you get an extra 60 physical defense from a full set as well as 15 dex and 15 vit on each accessory. The same applies for dex as strength — until R4 drops become more common, Wings are the way to go.

You can get away with using any accessories that add strength, dex, or vit up until level 60 where you should be using four Wings of Solemn Death. You should always try to use a Unique weapon if you can make one. If not, at least try to forge Rare weapons in order to benefit from the option stones.

Why not until the 3rd unique? At a low level you will not benefit as much from the melee attack bonus as you would the strength bonus since each point of strength is equal to 3 melee attack. Which option stones should you use?

Playing a dex build with anything but a unique critical percentage dagger is just flat out painful and I do not suggest it. We are a melee class and will always be taking hits, so physical defense as high as you can get is ideal. By then, you can get full armor sets with great physical and magic defense from solo quests and then make them into a nice Edwin set.

Which pet should I use? A Dex build can use either a Power Tiger to increase critical rate, or if you have a 15 crit dagger and level 7 Crit Aura, you can use a Honey Bear for the extra HP or a Molly to help out your survivability even more.

There is very little I can tell any Guardian to help them improve in PvP other than practice. I got plenty of advice from a fellow Guardian in my guild, but none of it was of any use to me until I was able to go PvP every day against a rival guild. The best piece of advice I can give is to know your opponent.

Otherwise, just go after the people you know you can kill within a single rush…or help stack stuns on more powerful players in order to drop them with a team effort. The most important thing to remember about your character is that this game is based around group PvP.

For a Dex build, a shield is an absolute necessity. If you want a little bit more survivability as well as the extra stun, go for the shield.

It is possible to become a very good Guardian with either route, but I suggest having both a dagger and a shield in your inventory which you can use at any time.Humans are one of the most popular classes in Rohan Online due to high survivability and potent attacks.

Humans can be either a Defender or a Guardian upon reaching Level [ ]. Rohan Online 2nd Job Quest Guide for All Races by Jecie HUMAN – Human Defender Upon reaching level 50, You will receive two job change quest. Reminders: Dont party with other people while questing.

Quest Job Change Human Guardian First Quest You need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia's tomb bindstone located at varrylon.

Buy a limestone foothill portal stone, portal there, and walking from limestone foothill bindstone is easier to get there. Here’s a guide to Rohan change job quest for Dark Elf to Warlock. This guide is.

Discuss the Guardian class in this forum! For a brief overview of this class, click here. Zon's Guardian Guide for Update + Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan, Helm’s Deep, Mithril, Middle-earth Enterprises logo, The Lord of the Rings, and the names of the characters, events.

Rohan Online Hybrid Str Guardian Guide by KatyPerry. So Ive tracked down Roys (aka Katyperry) old Hybrid/STR Guardian guide as it has become apparent to me while playing on the new sever that there is alot of newer players . Rohan Online Hybrid Str Guardian Guide by KatyPerry.

Rohan guardian guide

So Ive tracked down Roys (aka Katyperry) old Hybrid/STR Guardian guide as it has become apparent to me while playing on the new sever that there is alot of newer players who are in need of such guides as this.

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