Problems in the construction industry

As we head intothe forecasts for the construction industry are relatively optimistic.

Problems in the construction industry

Wise Home Building 2. This list was compiled by a builder with 35 years of experience in the industry. This list is a good starting point if you are considering a home building project. Get up to speed and educate yourself so you are in a position to AVOID these problems on your own project.

Buyers, lacking the necessary knowledge of the building process, forego control of their investment and look to their builder as their sole source for guidance. This reliance upon the builder to fulfill their responsibilities often ends in disappointment. When you hire a builder, you are hiring someone in business to make a profit.

That means that he will look after his own self interests first, and yours second. Hiring a reputable, ethical builder is certainly important, but it doesn't change the above fact.

There is no one that will protect your interests in the building project, except for you-or someone that you might hire on your behalf such as inspector. Building a new home is probably one of the largest Problems in the construction industry commitments you will make, protect your investment by become knowledgeable about the process.

Problems in the construction industry

Builders fails to visit the construction site with the owner before construction begins to analyze the surroundings, conditions, potential obstacles and specific site circumstances that often require special attention. This is another common mistake, and it's one that can be easily avoided and one you don't want to make.

Why, well the best reason to give you is that the financial repercussions of NOT having this meeting will be borne by you. In other words, if something is overlooked, or needs to be changed when the construction begins, because the builder did not visit the site prior to initiation, the builder will look to you to pay these extra costs.

And if you balk or refuse, he'll just stop work. Builders fails to make progress construction inspections. Builders rely on their subcontractors to establish the norm for quality and completeness of their work. This problem is quite common. It's like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop.

If a subcontractor makes a mistake, especially one that will cost him money to remedy, he is likely to try to hide it rather than fix it. Builders' contracts are builder favored making them self-serving.

They use open-ended language pertaining to various condition costs, they have unaddressed quality standards, and weak performance commitments, etc.

Boy, this is true, big time. If you don't plug these holes you will find it difficult to resolve disagreements or differences, because the contract favors the builder. While a legal review is a good place to start, lawyers are not builders, and you need someone with a building or construction background to vet the document as well.

Here is just one example Cold weather may require temporary heat in the home or excessive rain may damage or require water to be pumped from the basement of foundation hole. If these were NOT addressed in the contract, guess who will be responsible for these additional costs??

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Get the House Building Guide and learn how. The Guide contains step-by-step instructions, sample specifications, an example building-contract, and dozens of money saving, convenience and healthy house building tips.Nearly million people work at approximately , construction sites across the nation on any given day.

The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries. Potential hazards for workers in construction include: Hazard.

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Information acquisition problems in a construction project follow from most of the data and information being gathered from the construction site, which is an extension of the construction chain.

The effectiveness of information and data acquisition influences the information flow between the office and the construction site. The Orange-H receivership demonstrates the problems with risk in construction contracts, the industry says. Watch Fiona Rotherham's interview with Stephen Selwood.

The National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry (NJC) is a partnership between trade unions and employers. It reviews and administers the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry – sometimes referred to as the ‘Blue Book’, or the NAECI.

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