Postgraduate coursework research

This master's is designed to give students the opportunity to extend their theoretical grounding and professional skills to work as counsellors in a variety of settings. Students are trained to identify systematic, effective ways to help clients find simple, acceptable solutions to their current concerns and problems. Master of Health Sciences UC's Master of Health Sciences qualifications give health professionals, non-clinical members of the health workforce and others interested in the health sector or health issues the opportunity to examine critically a range of significant issues in health sciences, and where relevant to improve their professional practice.

Postgraduate coursework research

Emphasis will be placed on a developmental perspective both adolescent and adult offending, with particular emphasis on violent and sexual offenders. In addition to the course being based on applied research, it will focus on three key principles - risk, needs and responsivity.

Participants will develop an understanding of key developments in correctional and forensic psychology in New Zealand. Times are organised at the beginning of semester. Attendance at field visits Postgraduate coursework research voluntary. The Psychology of criminal conduct 54th ed.

Students enrolled in any other year of the clinical psychology programme who wish to take this course. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the following: Neuroanatomy, neuropathology, and neurosurgical and neurological approaches to treatment.

Postgraduate coursework research

Neuropsychological techniques and procedures used to investigate the relation between the brain and behaviour. The methodological and theoretical issues involved. Interpretation and analysis of data from individual patients.

A knowledge of some of the major areas of neuropsychological dysfunction eg, aphasia, amnesia, spatial disorders, apraxia, agnosia, callosal syndromes, dementia, head injury, rehabilitation. A basic knowledge of human neuroanatomy, human experimental psychology and psychometrics is assumed.

Students are also advised to complete the required texts at least before the end of the first semester, and to read current issues of the relevant journals. Weekly two-hour seminars will be held. The course is divided into three parts. Introduction to neuroanatomy and neuropathology with a short test on this area.

General methodology, test materials and theoretical issues of neuropsychological assessment. Staff and student seminars on major topics in neuropsychology.

Each student will be expected to present to the class a seminar on a selected topic in neuropsychology, and write an essay.

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Analysis and interpretation of individual data. Five paper case studies will be dealt with. Each student will write up the studies before the seminar at which the case is discussed.

Postgraduate coursework research

Clinical Neuropsychology, OUP, 3rd ed, A Clinical Approach, 3rd ed, Churchill Livingston, There is a limit of 14 places in this course. She was the first practicing clinical neuropsychologist in New Zealand and an internationally renowned research scientist in the area of neuropsychological consequences of traumatic brain injury.

Dr Gronwall established the Clinical Neuropsychology postgraduate paper.Coursework programs are usually completed through units of study rather than by research. Postgraduate coursework degrees can result in three different types of accreditation; Masters, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

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Southern Cross University’s postgraduate coursework awards are available for study on a full-fee paying basis.

Fee paying students are required to pay full tuition fees for each unit of study. Australian students undertaking Higher Degree Research Awards may be required to pay fees if they are not successful in being awarded a Tuition fee. The course is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as the first training year for students wishing to go on to study for a PhD under .

Information for postgraduate students If you have completed a degree or relevant work experience and want to do further study, UTS has a wide range of postgraduate courses to . In addition to conducting research and coursework students will also be expected to undertake Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) training, attend and present seminars, write a .

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