Marrying for money

Growing Kind of Elder Abuse: Marrying Seniors for Their Money Written by Cathy Cassata on September 15, It stops most of us in our tracks when we see an elderly man in a relationship with a much younger woman. In regards to financial abuse anything from insurance scams and consumer fraud to misuse of credit cards, and moreFedalen says statistics show that females are about two-thirds more likely to become victims.

Marrying for money

On a recent episode of "Dirty Sexy Money," ABC's soapy drama about the filthy rich, heiress Karen Darling gets married for the fourth time, to a golf pro. With the wealth boom creating unprecedented riches -- and greater opportunities for gold-digging by both genders -- price-tag partnerships and checkbook breakups are increasingly making headlines.

Even more surprising, according to a new survey, are the going rates for today's mercenary unions. Celebrities get the most attention, of course, whether it's Kevin Federline, the backup dancer-turned-millionaire ex of Britney Spears, or Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's estranged second wife, who is set to receive tens of millions of dollars when her divorce is final, according to the British press.

Yet even among the workaday or wannabe wealthy, marrying for money has become a popular pursuit. The ad inspired all manner of parodies and follow-ups, including one by an investment banker, who replied that since his money would grow over time but her beauty would fade, the offer didn't make good business sense.

She was, he said, a "depreciating asset. Yet nationally, the going rate is much lower. The answers varied by age: Women in their 30s were the most likely to say they would marry for money 74 percent while men in their 20s were the least likely 41 percent.

Women aren't the only ones with the gold-digging impulse. Smock says that as men get older, they become more comfortable with women being the breadwinners. The matrimonial price tag varies by gender and age.

By their 40s, women are more comfortable being independent, so they're willing to hold out for more cash. Men have cheaper requirements. Douglas Freeman, a tax and estates attorney in California who works with wealthy families, says the men's numbers are lower because they would feel threatened by women worth several million dollars.

Marrying for money

Whatever the case, the prices for both men and women seem low, given the new landscape of wealth. Of course, when the mercenary marriage proves disappointing, there's always divorce.

Among the women in their 20s who said they would marry for money, 71 percent said they expected to get divorced -- the highest of any demographic. Only 27 percent of men in their 40s expected to divorce. They want to be paid what they think they're worth and then move on.This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced.

The Financial Pros and Cons of Marriage

Smart Money lists 10 things your spouse won't tell you and includes this when discussing marrying for money: Both men and women are ok with a little gold digging. Two out of three women and half of men said they were "very" or "extremely" willing to marry an average-looking person they liked, as long as he or she had money, according to a survey of more than 1, people by wealth research firm Prince & .

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May 22,  · Here's everything we know about the royal family's net worth, including who is the richest member of the royal family. Marrying for money isn't just grist for television plot lines. With the wealth boom creating unprecedented riches -- and greater opportunities for gold-digging by both genders -- price-tag partnerships and checkbook breakups are increasingly making headlines. There's an old stereotype when it comes to marriage. Men marry women for their looks. Women marry men for their money. There are of course many exceptions to this rule. But there is some truth to it too. Men fall for beauty. The fact that there are plenty of pretty girls with rotten character does.

Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. I'm gonna marry for money I'll be so damn rich it ain't funny I'm gonna have me a trust fund, yacht club, hot tub piece of the pie Find me a sweet sugar mama.

Furthermore, having some money in the bank will make it easier for you to pay for your wedding in the first place. In the U.S., weddings cost upward of $30, on average, and about 33% of couples. The Truth about Marrying Into Money on Bridestory blog.

If you're in a relationship and you're thinking about marriage, did thoughts about having money ever cross your mind?

Marrying for money

Do you think that marrying into money will bring you happiness? Our guess is that it won't, but first, let us tell you why.

The Truth about Marrying Into Money - Bridestory Blog