Joint family disadvantages essay writer

The advantages of a joint family are more than one can count.

Joint family disadvantages essay writer

Joint family Advantages and Disadvantages in Joint Family Short Essay by Sandeep Posted on Saturday, September 2nd, Joint family Joint family is the big part of the life; no one can live without the prosperous of their family. Everyone needs the family support due to any problem.

When family comes together, then nobody can break it from togetherness. Everyone wants live with that family who helps in any problem at every walk of life. Make no room for regrets. Many members involve in the joint family where such as the one generation live together in an ordinary house.

A joint family is that family where some persons are living with together such as grandparents, father, mother, and children under the one roof. A form of the joint family system in the mind of a member for example: Some members of the joint family share the some common rights in the household property.

In the joint family, some members living with the expectation of making some financial contribution to the common fund. All homemakers of the joint family made the food in the shared kitchen.

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Family members make their daily expenditure from the ordinary family funds. In some of the joint family such sons never get distant after marriage from their family, he lives together with their wife and children among the another family member on the one roof. Generally, in the every joint family the subhead is the eldest member of the household.

They restrict to the whole member by their power and functions. That chairman of the family is a trustee. He handled the economic and social decisions on behalf of the family. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the joint family. Advantage of joint family Supportive in problems The family always supports to the each and every family members.

Whenever any problem is situated, then rarely other people helps, but family always supports each and other family members. Festival enjoyments When the family is lives together, then in every festival creates so much pleasure and brings much happiness.

Every moment of any festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc. Mutual adjustment Every family has the mutual adjustment and understanding. Naturally, those who are benefited by the generosity of others remain obliged and grateful.

Helps to better study of the children In the big family, their kids study in the group according to their age matching. Understanding during marriages In marriages also the grooms for marriageable girls become a concern for all the elders in the family.

Even if a daughter of a junior brother selected by someone because of her beauty or brilliance, he would not agree to her marriage until her senior cousin sister is married.

Minimum subsistence of the living The necessities of all the family members taken care. Each member is guaranteed the lowest subsistence for the living. The family prospers squarely if the patriarch and the other constituents observe the norms soundly and healthily.

Spirit of oneness The joint family system is the finally prevails the spirit of oneness. Disadvantages of the joint family There are different types of the disadvantages of the joint family, which is following such as: It happens to only the income of the household.

Exploitation of member Some of the joint family have many types of crook members, who exploits to the other innocent member of the household and also do the torture to them.

Money value among members Almost, many people have this mentality to low that individuals who have little earned. High earning members often insults the small receiving members.

Burden in the joint family The cost of education has gone up high. Inferiority complex To great families, most of the important decisions made by the head of the household.

But young generations are moving to towns and metro cities for searching of jobs, and then they live there.The disadvantages of living in a Joint Family are mentioned below: Living in a joint family, you may have lack of leadership and decision making qualities as head of the family will decide and does all the important decisions.

In joint families all the family members sit together and discuss their own promblems with the family members. In nuclear families there are only the parents and the children.

The advantage is that you can spends more time with your children and you become a person of your own will. Hire Writer.

extended family also has some disadvantages just like any other thing. For instance, one’s privacy may be denied in some cases because of the large number of people. We will write a custom essay sample on Disadvantges of Joint Family specifically for you.

for only $/page. Order Now. There is also a kind of monarchy in. A joint family comprises members of the family that are related one another and share a common ancestry, religion, and property - Joint Family vs.

Nuclear Family System Essay introduction.

joint family disadvantages essay writer

All the working members of the family pool together what they earn . A joint family is an undivided family. Many members involve in the joint family where such as the one generation live together in an ordinary house.

A joint family is that family where some persons are living with together such as grandparents, father, mother, and children under the one roof.

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