Higher education leadership dissertations

The academic degrees usually include studies in one major subject and in one or more minor subjects.

Higher education leadership dissertations

Theses now searchable via Trove. The Australasian Digital Theses Program database ceased operation in March The database server has been decomissioned, and the content of that database is searchable via the National Library of Australia’s Trove service. Student Dissertations. The following dissertation examples from some of our students offer a glimpse into our higher education degree programs: Adult Learners’ Experiences In Accelerated Degree-Completion Programs at Christian Colleges: Transactions and Transformations. Previous Dissertation Titles PhD Higher Education The names in parentheses indicate the dissertation director. "A Content Analysis of Hierarchical Linear Modeling From Four Higher Education Journals" Dr. Corinne Kodama (Dugan) "A Structural Model of Leadership Self-Efficacy for Asian American Students: Examining Influences of Collective.

Affectivity, achievement motivation, and academic performance in college students. Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 27 1 Emotional intelligence and stress in medical students performing surgical tasks. Academic Medicine, 86 10 Relationship between emotional intelligence and negative career thoughts in postgraduate unemployed adults.


Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 40 2 An analysis of emotional intelligence and the performance of principals in selected schools in Kenya. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 11 6 Emotional Intelligence in Undergraduate Accounting Students: Accounting Education, 15 4 Resources for business educators.

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Journal of Management Development, 28 9 Emotional intelligence in medical students: Does it correlate with selection measures? Medical Education, 43 11 Measuring emotional intelligence of medical school applicants. Academic Medicine, 75 5 A qualitative study of Irish first year undergraduate students reasons for non-engagement with the provision of emotional competency coaching.

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Revista Colombiana de Psicologia, 23 1 The contributions of emotional intelligence and social support for adaptive career progress among Italian youth. Journal of Career Development, 42 1 The roles of personality traits and emotional intelligence.

Psychology in the Schools, 48 4 Emotional intelligence and graduate medical education.About AAHHE. The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) is an agent of change for improving education, thus enabling Hispanic students to fully participate in a diverse society.

This is a collection of research pertaining to Let Me Learn®. You can view the many articles, presentations, and higher education dissertations written by practitioners about the difference the Let Me Learn Process® makes in the lives of adults and children.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Human learning in the 21st century will be as different from human learning in the 20th century as the micro-chip and neural networks are from the valve.” (Lepani,, p. 3). The Arthur O.

Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is a partnership between The Sage Colleges and the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Previous Dissertation Titles: School of Education: Loyola University Chicago

HEOP is designed to provide broad and varied educational instruction to capable students who, due to limited academic and financial resources, would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend Sage College.

rows · Dissertation Titles; Click on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertation. Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published and after. Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Reich College of Education, Suite ASU Box College Street Boone, NC Phone: STUDYING AT RAFFLES SINGAPORE.

Higher education leadership dissertations

Situated in the historical riverside quay of Singapore along Merchant Road, known for its fusion of rich heritage and modern attractions, the Raffles College of Higher Education (or in short, Raffles Singapore) campus presents a chic and contemporary design, with a spacious layout that aims to provide a creative and ideal learning environment for students.

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