Global economic crisis research papers

October 19, writer Research Papers 0 Introduction The global economic crisis, a simultaneous occurrence of several economic catastrophes since the summer ofis arguably the most significant global economic slowdown since the fall of the communist bloc.

Global economic crisis research papers

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The Great Depression of and its consequences have led to the formation of such international organizations as International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The purpose of these organizations was to try to prevent another Great Depression from happening by issuing new regulations and policies.

However, they not only failed to do so, but also appeared to be unable to predict the Global Financial Crisis and to inform the international governments and economies of the forthcoming risks Rayner, It will discuss the main causes of the Global Financial Crisis of and will try to illustrate, how these factors affected different countries and economies.

The second part the will try to identify the techniques, which could be used both domestically and internationally in order to prevent another crisis from happening. Finally, the last part will conclude the paper.

It will sum up all the important points, which were covered in the paper. We can write a custom research paper on Global Financial Crisis for You! In addition to this, chapter one has discussed the condition of subprime mortgage market of United States.

Despite of the facts, which indicated on the forthcoming financial collapse, the overall evaluation of the financial stability was positive.

In the report it was stated that the financial situation is stable, and that the further growth in most of economies is expected within next several years. This and few other reports have shown that international financial organizations were aware of the problems, which existed in that time.

Furthermore, they did mention them in their financial observations and gave the suggestions, of how to prevent these risks from spreading to other economies.

Nevertheless they failed to recognize the actual threat in the data, which was available to them. This has made the Global Financial Crisis even more complex issue to the governments.

Countries and their economies appeared to be unable to cope with the failures in the markets. There are several causes of the occurred crisis.

These causes have affected different countries in various ways. These new conditions emerged, when banks decided to expand their mortgage lending in order to later resell these loans as securities Gurria, An innovation, which seemed to work in the beginning, later became a cause of a serious shift in the real estate market.

Eased lending conditions allowed people, who had bad or no previous lending history and did not have enough resources for a repayment, to enter the loans. It took investors quite some time to realize that they are in a dangerous position.

Suddenly the markets stopped functioning, since it was impossible to recognize, where the repayment failure had its roots at.

Since securitization practices were spread to Europe, most of its markets, consequently, were also damaged. All the lending processes have stopped, and the liquidity level has significantly dropped.

Due to the failure of a large amount of banks to cover their losses, both domestic and international financial operations have stopped.

We have seen that lending standards to both household and business have been tightening and costs of borrowing are going up. European Union was designed in order to strengthen the economy of its members. Its main purpose was to unite European countries in order for people, goods, services, and money to circulate freely within the union.

One of the greatest benefits of European Union is that stronger and more stable countries and economies can support smaller and weaker ones and to create a single market, which could serve as a shield for all the union members.

Global Financial Crisis of has shown that the system, which was built and developed in the course of many years, did not succeed in protecting its participants from the financial collapse. Furthermore, it actually did create circumstances, where several countries have suffered greatly from this union and from being open to other markets.

Steps for reducing the danger of another crisis As was mentioned before, international financial organizations were aware of the existing problems; however, did not take required actions in order to prevent them from spreading among economies of different countries.

In case those threats would be better examined and tried to be eliminated in their early stages, the crisis would either not happen at all or would affect countries with fewer harm. For that reason, financial organization both domestic and international must be more careful and precautious about their operations and overall functioning.

They should be more sensitive to any, even the smallest, changes, which happen in the markets.

Global economic crisis research papers

In the world, where most of the markets are opened and depend greatly on each other, banks and their systems must be controlled and ruled by, perhaps, even stricter policies.

Even during the crisis of some financial institutions have suffered less than others. This illustrates that certain systems work better and in a more stabilized way than others, depending on their regulations e.

One of the reasons why the borrowers failed to repay their loans was that they were not properly informed about, or, if to be more precise, did not fully understand, the terms of their contracts.Over The Cliff: From the Subprime to the Global Financial Crisis Frederic S.

Mishkin NBER Working Paper No. December JEL No. E58,G01,G Introduction. The global economic crisis, a simultaneous occurrence of several economic catastrophes since the summer of , is arguably the most significant global . - The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact The recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) initially began with the collapse of credits and financial markets, which caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US in Research paper on global financial crisis Posted by | September 30, | Research paper on global financial crisis Corruption essay in punjabi language history self trust essay success is 1 inspiration and 99 perspiration essays on global warming.

The Institute's research is interdisciplinary, incorporating concepts from fields including history, political science, psychology, the physical sciences and the humanities. Research Papers. Has the global financial crisis of had a visible impact on the economics profession?

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