Funny videos for business presentations

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Funny videos for business presentations

Premise[ edit ] Executive produced by Vin Di BonaTodd Thicke and Michele Nasraway, [1] and created by Vin Di Bona, it is the longest-running primetime entertainment non-news program on ABC both on the network's current schedule and dating back to ABC's incorporation as a television network in It is based on the Tokyo Broadcasting System program Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chanwhich featured a segment in which viewers were invited to send in video clips from their home movies ; ABC, which owns half of the program, pays a royalty fee to the Tokyo Broadcasting System for the use of the format although the original parent show left the air in Contestants can send their videos in by uploading them as a digital file onto the show's official website, AFV.

Videos can also be sent via conventional mail on VHS and other such home video formats VHS-C8 mm video cassettesto name a fewand later as the format started to become common for home recording use in the early s decade, DVD to a Hollywood, California post-office box address, with clips placed on USB flash drives and other forms of consumer flash memory formats also acceptable for physical submission as time has gone on.

funny videos for business presentations

Due to its very low cost and universal appeal, the format has since been reproduced around the world and AFV-inspired television specials and series continue to emerge periodically in the United States.

Several local television stations, even those not affiliated with ABC, also developed special funny home video segments in their newscasts during the early s, inspired by the series. With the advent of smartphone technology that include built-in video cameras, social media, YouTube and other computer-oriented internet sites that brought about the era of the viral videos revolution starting in the s, television stations started capitalizing on amateur caught-on-video segments, cute, funny, amazing, or not, during their newscasts again and this time at present appears to remain here to stay.

AFV also capitalizes on the viral video revolution to their audience and viewers in terms of showing uploaded funny video clips, as well. Also, more and more shows similar to AFV continue to capitalize on the viral video revolution and emerge once in a while.

Videos typically feature people and animals getting into humorous accidents caught on camera; while others include clever marriage proposals, people and animals displaying interesting talents such as pets that sound like they speak certain words or phrases, or genius toddlers with the ability to name all past U.

Presidentsand practical jokes. A group of screeners view the submitted tapes, giving them a grade on a scale of 1—10 based on that particular tape's humor. The videos deemed the funniest by the screeners then go on to the show's producers and then is turned over to Di Bona and another producer for final approval.

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In the show's first season, the second and third prizes respectively were a new TV and VCR and a new camcorder.

The program's studio segments are taped in front of a studio audience although the specials that aired in and only featured pre-recorded audience responses ; audience members are asked to dress in " business casual or nicer". Many of the clips have been used internationally in various comedy compilation programs, with changes such as dubbing and subtitling.

The title of the show is usually changed and the studio segments are omitted. As noted in the closing credits of each episode, most of the videos have been edited for length due to time constraints. On October 3,beginning with the season 21 premiere, [9] America's Funniest Home Videos began broadcasting in high definition.

Many of the videos, which are largely shot using standard definition camcorders, began to be stretched horizontally to fit However, since the —13 season, videos shot in 4: History[ edit ] — Saget was assisted in hosting the special by actress Kellie Martinthen the star of fellow ABC series Life Goes Ona family drama which would serve as the lead-in program to AFHV for the latter show's first four seasons.

Prior to the airing of the initial special, during the fall ofVin Di Bona Productions took out ads in national magazines such as TV Guide asking people to send in their home videos featuring funny or amazing moments. John Ritter was Vin Di Bona's first choice as host of the program, but he proved to be unavailable.

He was replaced by radio and television actor Gary Owens inwho stayed in that role until Saget left, but Anderson briefly returned shortly before his death in February Besides hosting the series, Saget also served as a member of its writing staff, alongside Todd Thicke and Bob Arnott.

Eastern Time ; [16] beginning with the fifth season, the show started the Sunday primetime lineup on ABC, airing at 7: Eastern, followed by America's Funniest People at 7:It can be applied to create animated video presentation, explainer video, storytelling videos, business video presentations, product video demos and the more.

You can use Animiz to make animated videos or Gifs for work or just for fun. Best Presentation Free Video Clip Downloads from the Videezy community. Presentation Free Video Clips licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!

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funny videos for business presentations

Wondershare PPT to MP4 converts PowerPoint presentations to MP4 videos for playing on portable players such iPod, iPhone, PSP and so on. The output video inherits animations, transition, sounds and video clips from the original presentations.

Affordable Funny Viral videos made just for you by freelance experts and professionals online. Starting with the –08 season, the series began allowing viewers to upload their funny home videos online at, but has since the –13 season; launched their own website that same year in and has viewers upload their videos instead to, in addition to sending their videos .

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