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Endeca case study

LKM Oracle to Oracle datapump Loads data from an Oracle source database to an Oracle staging area database using external tables in the Endeca case study format. Integration Knowledge Module IKM IKM takes place in the interface during an integration process to integrate data from source in case of datastore exists in the same data server as the staging area or loading table i.

Existing records are not updated. It is possible to delete all rows before performing an insert by setting optional truncate property. A flow control is used to check the data quality to ensure that all references are validated before loading into target.

Existing rows are updated and non-existence rows are inserted using Natural Key defined in interface, along with checking flow control.

When staging is on a different server than target also referred as multi-technology IKMs. When Staging is on the Same Data Server as Target This is useful to perform complex integration strategies, recycling rejected records from previous runs, implementing technology specific optimized integration methods before loading data into target.

Integration table or flow table is an image of the target table with few extra fields required to carry out specific operations on data before loading data into target. After completion of data loading, IKM drops temporary integration tables. So, the error record becomes valid and need to be reapplied to target.

A Detailed Explanation of ODI Knowledge Modules LKM & IKM

When Staging is on a Different Data Server Than Target This configuration is mainly used for data servers with no transformation capabilities and only simple integration modes are possible, for e. CKM operations cannot be performed in this strategy.

IKM then writes the result set directly into target table using defined integration mode append or incremental update. Erroneous data can be isolated into an error table and can be recycled in next execution of interface.

When using this module with a journalized source table, it is possible to synchronize deletions IKM Oracle Incremental Update Integrates data into an Oracle target table in incremental update. IKM Oracle Multi Table Insert Integrates data from one source into one to many Oracle target tables in append mode, using a multi-table insert statement.Breeding, Marshall Resource Sharing in Libraries: Concepts, Products, Technologies, and Trends January Supplementing your local collection through resource sharing is a smart way to ensure your library has the resources to satisfy the needs of your users.

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Endeca case study

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