Cool stuff to write about football

The Evolution of a Call Sheet In-season Reduce the Clutter As the Texas High School season began our offensive staff had a plan, just like every other team.

Cool stuff to write about football

Basically, you just want to make each game to take on a little special meaning. The winner of these rivalry weeks gets to do something to the loser.

Cool stuff to write about football new Fantasy team names could change to something like: One and One vs. All Scheduling Part of the problem with Fantasy Football is that scheduling can sometimes lead to bad teams finding their way into the playoffs, and good teams get bounced because they had a terribly difficult schedule.

What if you set up your team league so that every single week, each team plays against each of the 11 other teams. Then schedule the same thing for the next week, and so on. This means the best teams would win more than they lose, and the other way around.

Obviously, once the playoffs start, it has to go back to one-on-one Head-to-Head play. This helps good teams facing great teams still get out of the week with a schedule, and it prevents bad teams from getting undue higher rankings in the standings. Schedule Double-Headers Every Week Once again, in an effort to remove the good luck from bad teams and the bad luck from good teams, scheduling double-headers every single week will make the cream rise to the top.

Schedule Fantasy Double-Headers Twice Per Season Rather than make a huge change in the scheduling with some of the aforementioned new Fantasy Football league ideas, maybe tweak the schedule just a little by adding a couple double-headers.

Think ahead, though, and add them during the weeks when no NFL teams have bye weeks. Considering we have been taught to avoid Week 17 in our Fantasy Playoffs because stars sometimes get benched for rest and there are too many uncertainties to make that week the Fantasy Football Championship week.

Now, those backups that are seeing more snaps become cheap superstars! New Fantasy Commissioner Ideas Commissioners are usually the linchpins to the entire league, so it stands to reason that if they get some new ideas, they can be the stimulus to get the rest of the league to join.

Whether you use Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons or a dozen other solid options, your fellow leaguemates will have a lot of fun coming up with creative Fantasy Football team names related to that theme. Help your league stand out from the others! Have your league vote on what theme you should use!

And awesome, all at once! Everyone understands that the Fantasy playoffs have an awful lot of luck involved, and the team that scores the most Fantasy points during the regular season is the best team of the year. Try to choose owners that are already really involved and excited about making the league better.

Plus, with three commissioners, they can vote on trades and rules, and do what they can to make the league better.


If one or two of the commissioners are involved in a trade, then bring in alternates for the voting. My suggestion for separation of duties: Let this person handle the website duties, from league setup to roster cleanup to rules and scoring settings.

This person collects the league fees and harasses people until they pay — then he also pays out at the end of the season. This guy is the one that sends out the fun emails to the league to get them pumped about the draft, and maybe he announces the Fantasy MVP each week, etc.

So while everyone else is holding over three players, they only get to hold over two. Do you have a waiting list of six or seven owners hoping to get in, waiting for a spot to open up?

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Make your league elite! They would replace the two bottom teams from the main league. The best clubs move up and the worst clubs move down. This is for leagues that have been around for a decade or so, preferably keeper or dynasty leagues.

Pick up the closest book… May 7, by Natasha Quinonez Any creative writer can tell you that the only way to get better at writing is by writing more. However, any writer can also tell you that sitting down to a blank page can leave your mind just as blank.
Talk Fantasy Football • Index page This World Cupis taking place in South Africa.

Have teams pay an extra percent of the league fees every season, while keeping the payouts at the same amount. This is also great for owner retention. I wish it would also have records like average first-round draft position, best average finish, most Fantasy League MVPs on your team, most Busts, etc.Just hours after he arrived at Iowa State, new Cyclones football coach Matt Campbell assembled his small group of coaches for a first staff meeting.

They discussed hashtags and emojis. "If you. Today I bring you, Coach John McKissick. In , Harry S. Truman was president, a new show premiered on NBC called The Today Show and Coach John McKissick was named head football coach at Summerville High School in Summerville, SC.

cool stuff to write about football

Winners Prize Money distribution FIFA World Cup , runnerups, 3rd place total money $ million will be shared among 32 teams according to how they finish. Sep 08,  · Fantasy football ruins football by turning fans into paranoid losers. Dec 11,  · [NOTE: The term “football” in this post refers to Soccer, not American Football.] There has been much debate over the best footballers and rightly so, considering the sheer amount of players and the vastness of ‘the beautiful game’.

How the Bills shocked themselves and landed Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds in NFL Draft Here's how the NFL Draft played out for the Buffalo Bills.

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