An analysis of the effect of cultural factors in the development of psychological theories

Personality is defined by deferent psychologists.

An analysis of the effect of cultural factors in the development of psychological theories

Cultural Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour Cultural Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour Consumer behaviour deals with the study of buying behaviour of consumers. Consumer behaviour helps us understand why and why not an individual purchases goods and services from the market.

There are several factors which influence the buying decision of consumers, cultural factors being one of the most important factors. What are Cultural Factors?

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Cultural factors comprise of set of values and ideologies of a particular community or group of individuals. In simpler words, culture is nothing but values of an individual.

What an individual learns from his parents and relatives as a child becomes his culture. Example - In India, people still value joint family system and family ties. Children in India are conditioned to stay with their parents till they get married as compared to foreign countries where children are more independent and leave their parents once they start earning a living for themselves.

What they see from their childhood becomes their culture.

An analysis of the effect of cultural factors in the development of psychological theories

Let us understand the influence of cultural factors on buying decision of individuals with the help of various examples. Females staying in West Bengal or Assam would prefer buying sarees as compared to Westerns.

Similarly a male consumer would prefer a Dhoti Kurta during auspicious ceremonies in Eastern India as this is what their culture is. Girls in South India wear skirts and blouses as compared to girls in north India who are more into Salwar Kameez.

Our culture says that we need to wear traditional attire on marriages and this is what we have been following since years. Religion Christianity, Hindu, Muslim, Sikhism, Jainism etc A Hindu bride wears red, maroon or a bright colour lehanga or saree whereas a Christian bride wears a white gown on her wedding day.

It is against Hindu culture to wear white on auspicious occasions. Muslims on the other hand prefer to wear green on important occasions. For Hindus eating beef is considered to be a sin whereas Muslims and Christians absolutely relish the same. Eating pork is against Muslim religion while Hindus do not mind eating it.

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A sixty year old individual would not like something which is too bright and colorful. He would prefer something which is more sophisticated and simple. On the other hand a teenager would prefer funky dresses and loud colours.

In India widows are expected to wear whites.

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Widows wearing bright colours are treated with suspicion. Status Upper Class, Middle class and Lower Class People from upper class generally have a tendency to spend on luxurious items such as expensive gadgets, cars, dresses etc.

You would hardly find an individual from a lower class spending money on high-end products. A person who finds it difficult to make ends meet would rather prefer spending on items necessary for survival.

Individuals from middle class segment generally are more interested in buying products which would make their future secure. Males are perceived to be strong and tough who look good just the way they are.The Spiritual Competency Resource Center provides access to online resources that enhance the cultural sensitivity of mental health professionals.

Spirituality is now accepted as an important component of cultural competence for mental health professionals. These resources include online courses, audio-visual resources, articles, and live workshops. Cultural factors are one of the most important factors that influence the buying decision of consumers.

Cultural factors comprises of the set of values of a particular community or a group of individuals. Sociocultural Theories of Development Research Investigates how social factors influence cognition and development, and how social and cultural practices shape and define thought. Cultural factors affecting consumer buying behaviour: Cultural factors have a significant impact on customer r-bridal.come is the most basic cause of a person’s wants and behavior.

Growing up, children learn basic values, perception and wants from the family and other important groups. Miscellaneous Sites. ACT Research Home Page- The ACT group is led by John Anderson at Carnegie Mellon University and is concerned with the ACT theory and architecture of goal of this research is to understand how people acquire and organize knowledge and produce intelligent behavior.

As a result, behavioural theory directly contributed to the development of social learning theories of deviance (differential association theory, sub-cultural theory, neutralization theory, etc.).

These theories, among the most important and influential of all criminological theories, are subject to a detailed discussion in the section of this.

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