Ajikan re write a sentence

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Ajikan re write a sentence

An analysis of components and development. Specifically, the Ajikan involves concentration on a drawing. By examining writings containing references to these components, this paper suggests scholars may locate the Ajikan firmly within traditions of Indian Buddhist Tantric practice as well as Indian non-Buddhist philosophical systems.

For a description of the procedure of Ajikan practice, see Richard K. University of Hawaii Press. Those who understand the meanings of the letter A are to meditate on it resolutely; they should meditate on the perfect, luminous, and Pure Consciousness.

Those who perceive it all the time enter the first stage of Bodhisattvahood. If they gradually increase their competence in this meditation, they will finally be able to magnify it [the moon] until its circumference encompasses the entire universe and its magnitude becomes as inclusive as space.

Being able freely to magnify or to reduce it, they will surely come to be in possession of the all-inclusive wisdom. The student of the yoga should devote himself to the mastery of the Three Mysteries and the Five Series of Meditation.


The Three Mysteries are: The passage goes on to explain the 4 T. That is, based on these letters sounds issue forth and Buddhism is taught, i. The latter was written in response to a request on the part of Emperor Junna reigned for clarification and a synopsis of the Ten Stages of Mind.

Take, for example, the first syllable of the Sanskrit alphabet A.

ajikan re write a sentence

This is the sound. For what does the sound A stand? In the category of Invariant Meanings he writes: The sound A is the mother of all letters; it is the essence of all sounds; and it stands for the fountainhead of all-inclusive Reality.

The sound A is the mother of all sounds.

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