A fly

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A fly

He flew from the room. The door flew open. The probe will fly past the planet. A mother fox will fly at anyone approaching her kits. He flied into right field.

It seemed like a good idea, but it just wouldn't fly.

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We fly merchandise to Boston. Show More noun, plural flies. Also called tent fly. Compare hoist def 7. Also called fly loft. Show More Idioms fly blind, to operate an airplane, especially during conditions of poor visibility, relying solely on instruments for guidance. Also fly in the teeth of.

If she gets mad enough she'll tell me to go fly a kite. She let fly with a barrage of angry words. We had dinner on the fly.

Fly, flit, flutter, hover, soar refer to moving through the air as on wings. Fly is the general term: To flit is to make short rapid flights from place to place: A bird flits from tree to tree.

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To flutter is to agitate the wings tremulously, either without flying or in flying only short distances: A young bird flutters out of a nest and in again. To hover is to linger in the air, or to move over or about something within a narrow area or space: To soar is to start to fly upward to a great height usually with little advance in any other direction, or else to continue to fly at a lofty height without visible movement of the wings:I cannot thank Fly Racing enough for how they handled this situation.

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A fly

Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success.

We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. For more than years, we have offered the strongest return policy in the business.

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