A critique of the musical mama mia directed by phyllida lloyd benny andersson and bjorn ulvaeus

MOscarbradley 17 July I have a confession to make that could land me in serious trouble here.

A critique of the musical mama mia directed by phyllida lloyd benny andersson and bjorn ulvaeus

Well, Andersson - the composer in the partnership - does. Ulvaeus, who came up with the lyrics, is less sure. That was one of the first tracks when we started to do that. Everything is tightly arranged. And we did that and we said, "Wow.

Last night Leicester Square played host to the unveiling of Mamma Mia! And so were all the cast of the sun-kissed, feelgood Hollywood smash-in-waiting: Andersson and Ulvaeus are executive producers on the film, their roles extending to re-recording their original music in Metronome, and having the cast supply their own vocals.

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The show is still there now. Nine productions of Mamma Mia! With 30 million satisfied punters, it is one of the most successful stage musicals ever. Here, sitting on squishy sofas, are the men responsible. Yes, theatrical producer Judy Craymer had the original idea; Catherine Johnson wrote the book; Phyllida Lloyd directed the first run and now the film.

They power along the flimsy narrative. They fill the air, unite the boys and girls, ignite the dancing, encourage the singalongs, bring the silly smiles and the beautiful noise. Not that they ever went away. We never thought about that.

Like a story told within that framework. He said he was never any good at that - he had to do it over the whole musical. He was amazed by that. Were you comfortable writing about such personal difficulties and presenting them to the public?

Stevie Wonder had one. John Paul Jones had one. And I had one. But with only that sound, I think it totally paid itself back. That was given to me by him, John And I still use it all the time. At least they think it was. Was it just before they did their military service?

Were all four members of the Hep Stars driving their cherished Ford Thunderbirds at the time? Either way, they started writing songs together and hooked up with Stig Anderson, who represented several international publishing companies in Sweden.

Then we thought, we should do that ourselves, record them ourselves, stupid as we were. So we did that. And it sounded so good. So after that we did some cabaret stuff So this was an early incarnation of Abba?

We were trying to be a little funny. Thank God there was no YouTube.

A critique of the musical mama mia directed by phyllida lloyd benny andersson and bjorn ulvaeus

But we had to make a living.Chess is a musical with music by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, formerly of ABBA, and with lyrics b Linked From BroadwayWorld at AM Stars of .

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A critique of the musical mama mia directed by phyllida lloyd benny andersson and bjorn ulvaeus

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The hit ABBA musical that still has West End audiences taking a chance on it more than a decade and a half after it first premiered, Mamma Mia! continues to deliver the feel-good factor to London in spades.

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