2ne1 handwriting analysis

ZONES We will divide the individual letters into three zones to better understand how the writer makes specific use of their mind UZtheir emotions MZ and the physical elements in their environment LZ.

2ne1 handwriting analysis

Linear Discriminant Analysis Linear 2ne1 handwriting analysis analysis LDA is a method used in statistics and machine learning 2ne1 handwriting analysis find a linear combination of features which best characterizes or separates two or more classes of objects or events. The resulting combination may be used as a linear classifieror, more commonly, for dimensionality reduction before later classification.

Linear Discriminant Analysis is closely related to principal component analysis PCA in the sense that both look for linear combinations of variables which best explains the data.

LDA explicitly attempts to model the difference between the classes of data, maximizing the following objective function: The optimal solution can be found by computing the Eigen values of SB-1SW and taking the Eigen vectors corresponding to the largest Eigen values to form a new basis for the data.

A detailed explanation for the full source code for Linear Discriminant Analysis is beyond the scope of this article, but can be found here. The objective of KDA is also to find a transformation maximizing the between-class variance and minimizing the within-class variance.

It can be shown that, with Kernels, the original objective function can be expressed as: Kernel trick and standard kernel functions The Kernel trick is a very interesting and powerful tool.

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It is powerful because it provides a bridge from linearity to non-linearity to any algorithm that solely depends on the dot product between two vectors.

It comes from the fact that, if we first map our input data into a infinite-dimensional space, a linear algorithm operating in this space will behave non-linearly in the original input space. Now, the Kernel trick is really interesting because that mapping does not need to be ever computed.

If our algorithm can be expressed only in terms of an inner product between two vectors, all we need is to replace this inner product with the inner product from some other suitable space. That is where resides the "trick": The Kernel function denotes an inner product in feature space, and is usually denoted as: To see why this is highly desirable, you may check the introductory text in Kernel Principal Component Analysis in C and Kernel Support Vector Machines for Classification and Regression in C which includes a video demonstration of the Kernel trick.

Some common Kernel functions include the Linear kernel, the Polynomial kernel, and the Gaussian kernel. Below is a simple list with their most interesting characteristics.

Linear Kernel The Linear kernel is the simplest Kernel function. Kernel algorithms using a linear kernel are often equivalent to their non-kernel counterparts, i.

Polynomial Kernel The Polynomial kernel is a non-stationary kernel.

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It is well suited for problems where all data is normalized. Gaussian Kernel The Gaussian kernel is by far one of the most versatile kernels. It aggregates various topics on statistics and machine learning I needed through my past researches.

This framework is Accord. NEToriginally an extension framework for AForge. NETanother popular framework for computer vision and machine learning. The project can be found in GitHub at https: The source code available in this article contains only a subset of the framework necessary for KDA.

The actually needed classes are shown in the picture below. The source originally included with this article more than 20 kernels to choose from, though nowadays the framework offers around 35 kernel functions. In most applications, the Gaussian kernel will be one of the most suitable kernel functions to be chosen, specially when there is not enough information about the classification problem we are trying to solve.

In the raw Optdigits data, digits are represented as 32x32 matrices.

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They are also available in a pre-processed form in which digits have been divided into non-overlapping blocks of 4x4 and the number of on pixels have been counted in each block.

This generated 8x8 input matrices where each element is an integer in the range Dimensionality reduction is a very essential step if we are going to use classifiers which suffer from the Curse of Dimensionality.

Kernel methods in general, however, have no problems processing large dimensionality problems because they do not suffer from such limitations. Sample digits extracted from the raw Optdigits dataset.2NE1 is releasing their first photo essay Whats up?.

This page book is filled with photos as well as the members writings in English, Korean,.. 2NE1 is releasing their first photo essay What's up?.

2ne1 handwriting analysis

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2ne1 handwriting analysis

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Genealogical Proof Standard - Step 3 - Analysis and correlation of the collected information So far you have completed a reasonably exhaustive search and you have citied all of your sources. Now it is time to take a look at your data and see what it tells you.

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